For those of you who fly steerage like me, please be considerate of your fellow human beings and weary travelers. Traveling can already suck...don't make it worse!
  1. Curry
    Any kind. Japanese curry, Indian curry, Thai curry, etc. Because you'll be burping it up for hours afterwards. Gross.
  2. Brussels sprouts
    Sure, they taste delicious but they smell like farts. It already smells like stale farts and jet fuel and you're just compounding the problem.
  3. McDonalds
    Do I have to say more? In that case - It's a plane, not a French fry grease trap.
  4. Kim chee
    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Kim chee. But not for hours and hours in an enclosed tube 35,000 feet in the air with no escape other than a sad, yellow, deflated oxygen mask. Garlic and spicy chili in recycled air is never good.
  5. Sushi
    Now, I'm of two minds on this one. Fresh sushi, where the fish is very fresh (and therefore doesn't stink like the back alley of a seafood restaurant) is ok. But how fresh can airport sushi be? If you want to get really technical only buy airport sushi if you're flying on a Tuesday when the distributor has just made a fresh delivery but otherwise err on the side of caution.
  6. Mussels
    Shelled and in a clear ziploc bag consumed like soggy pistachios an hour into a 6 hour cross country flight. True story. How that woman didn't get food poisoning I'll never know. But I'm eternally grateful she didn't.