I'm pretty sure this list is self explanatory
  1. The cramps
    Because feeling like you're being stabbed from the inside out isn't fun.
  2. The blood
    I don't know anyone who bleeds for fun. And who likes to destroy her sheets and PJ's and panties bc her body won't stop fucking bleeding.
  3. The mood swings
    This is not that bad actually. People learn to fear you.
  4. The cravings
    Because sometimes you wish you owned a supermarket.
  5. Life
    Life is tough when you are on your period! You feel like shit and you still need to go to work, and do your chores, and meet people, and be nice... And your body is self destroying in the meanwhile, you know?? Like no big deal.
  6. Men
    Boys saying that we're making a fuss over nothing. But then they get a cold and the world needs to stop because they're basically dying.😂😂😂😂😡😡😡😡😡