Artworks I Have to Memorize for My Art History Exam Tomorrow, II

  1. Bouguereau, "The Bohemian," Academic Art (1800-1890s)
  2. Gérôme, "Pygmalion and Galatea," Academic Art (1800-1890s)
  3. Bonheur, "The Horse Fair," Academic Art (1800-1890s)
  4. Cabanel, "Birth of Venus," Academic Art (1800-1890s)
  5. Rousseau, "Clearing in Forest of Fontainebleau," Barbizon School (1830s-1850s)
  6. Millet, "Gleaners," Barbizon School (1830s-1850s)
  7. Millet, "Sower," Barbizon School (1830s-1850s)
  8. Corot, "Ville d'Avray," Barbizon School (1830s-1850s)
  9. Corot, "The Studio," Barbizon School (1830s-1850s)
  10. Courbet, "Burial at Ornans," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  11. Courbet, "The Painter's Studio: Seven Years of the Artist's Life, A Real Allegory," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  12. Daumier, "La Rue Transnonian," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  13. Daumier, "Third Class Carriage," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  14. Manet, "Luncheon on the Grass," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  15. Manet, "Olympia," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  16. Manet, " Bar at Folies Bergere," Mid 19th Century Realism (1840s-1870s)
  17. Degas, "Bellelli Family," Realism/Impressionism (1860s-1880s)
  18. Degas, "Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  19. Degas, "14 Year Old Dancer," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  20. Monet, "Impression Sunrise," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  21. Monet, "Frog Pond," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  22. Monet, "Gare St. Lazare," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  23. Monet, "Blvd. des Capuchins," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  24. Monet, "Rouen Cathedral," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  25. Monet, "Waterlilies," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  26. Renoir, "Luncheon of the Boating Party," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  27. Renoir, "The Great Bathers," Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  28. Cézanne, "Bridge at Maincy," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  29. Cézanne, "Mt. St. Victoire with Viaduct," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  30. Cézanne, "Large Bathers," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  31. Seurat, "The Bathers," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  32. Seurat, "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand Jatte," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  33. Van Gogh, "Potato Eaters," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  34. Van Gogh, "Night Cafe," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  35. Van Gogh, "Starry Night," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  36. Gauguin, "Self-Portrait with Apples," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  37. Gauguin, "Vision After the Sermon," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  38. Gauguin, "Spirit of the Dead Watching," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  39. Gauguin, "Whence Come We, What Are We, Whither Go We?," Post Impressionism (1870s-1890s)
  40. Serusier, "La Bois d'Amour (The Talisman)," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  41. Redon, "Portrait of Gauguin," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  42. Redon, "Birth of Venus," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  43. Whistler, "Nocturne in Blue and Gold: Old Battersea Bridge," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  44. Bonnard, "The Dessert," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  45. Vuillard, "Interior," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  46. Rodin, "The Bronze Age," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  47. Rodin, "Burghers of Calais," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  48. Rodin, "Gates of Hell," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  49. Toulouse-Lautrec, "At the Moulin Rouge," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  50. Toulouse-Lautrec, "Jane Avril," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  51. Rousseau, "The Dream," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  52. Munch, "Dance of Life," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  53. Munch, "Puberty," Symbolism (1880s-1910)
  54. Matisse, "Joy of Life," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  55. Matisse, "Dance," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  56. Matisse, "Reclining Nude," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  57. Matisse, "Back I-IV," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  58. Braque, "Landscape at La Ciotat," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  59. Derain, "Le Faubourg, Collioure," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  60. Vlaminck, "The Red Trees," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  61. Rouault, "The Old King," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  62. Rouault, "Girl with Mirror," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  63. Rouault, "Christ on the Cross," French Expressionism (1905-1920s)
  64. Kirchner, "Franzi in a Carved Chair," Die Brücke (1905-1918)
  65. Kirchner, "Striding into the Sea," Die Brücke (1905-1918)
  66. Kirchner, "Modern Bohemia," Die Brücke (1905-1918)
  67. Nolde, "The Life of Christ," Die Brücke (1905-1918)
  68. Nolde, "Pentecost," Die Brücke (1905-1918)
  69. Schmidt-Rotluff, "Road to Emmaus," Die Brücke (1905-1918)
  70. Kandinsky, "Blue Mountain," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)
  71. Kandinsky, "St. George II," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)
  72. Kandinsky, "Composition IV," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)
  73. Kandinsky, "First Abstract Watercolor Sketch," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)
  74. Kandinsky, "Sketch for Composition VII," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)
  75. Marc, "Blue Horses," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)
  76. Marc, "Fate of the Animals," Der Blauer Reiter (1912-1920s)