December 28th. I am cursed with receiving combination birthday/Christmas presents. Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. Nichelle Nichols
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    Uhura! Space queen.
  2. Dame Maggie Smith
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    Best Hogwarts professor. So cute with Rod Taylor in The V.I.P.s.
  3. Stan Lee
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    I hope that I will be this happy at 92.
  4. Denzel Washington
  5. Seth Meyers
  6. Woodrow Wilson
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    I don't know much about him, but I have always liked his name.
  7. Cinema
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    Not a person, but the first public film screening was on Dec. 28th, 1895. I was one year away from being born on the 100th anniversary.
  8. That's right, I share a birthday with cinema itself.
    I win.
  9. Side note: there have been a handful of earthquakes on this date resulting in the deaths of approximately 150,000 to 275,000 people.