1. I can't remember why I was at a theater, but I think it was for a concert of some sort.
  2. I told Renée that I watched the first two Bridget Jones movies a couple weeks ago but hadn't seen the new one yet.
  3. John Boyega had his pet mole (this is because if you @shanaz ) with him.
  4. The mole wasn't looking too well (presumably because moles are not meant to be pets [👀 @shanaz ]) but John wasn't concerned about it (a common occurrence in my dreams is something obviously being wrong but no one else cares)
  5. The dream promptly switched to some other event that I can't remember other than a tiny flicker of emotion.
  6. And that is the story of the time I dreamt that Renée Zellweger and John Boyega sat behind me in a theater.