P.S. I'M SORRY, BUSTER, ILY Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. An Affair to Remember
    Nickie Ferrante: Why didn't you tell me? If it had to happen to one of us, why did it have to be you? Terry McKay: If you can paint, I can walk... Anything can happen, don't you think?
  2. The Apartment
    J.D. Sheldrake: Ya know, you see a girl a couple of times a week, just for laughs, and right away they think you're gonna divorce your wife. Now I ask you, is that fair? C.C. Baxter: No, sir, it's very unfair... Especially to your wife.
  3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    Butch Cassidy: You know, when I was a kid, I always thought I'd grow up to be a hero. Sundance Kid: Well, it's too late now. Butch Cassidy: What'd you say that for? You didn't have to say something like that.
  4. The Goodbye Girl
    Lucy McFadden: Congratulations Elliot Garfield: For What? Lucy McFadden: I didn't know what else to say.
  5. The Great Dictator
    The clouds are lifting! The sun is breaking through! We are coming out of the darkness into the light! We are coming into a new world; a kindlier world, where men will rise above their hate, their greed, and brutality. Look up, Hannah! The soul of man has been given wings and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow! Into the light of hope, into the future! The glorious future, that belongs to you, to me and to all of us. Look up, Hannah. Look up!
  6. Out of Africa
    Karen Blixen: If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me? Will the air over the plain quiver with a color that I have had on, or the children invent a game in which my name is, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me?
  7. The Philadelphia Story
    George Kittredge: But a man expects his wife to... Tracy Lord: Behave herself. Naturally. C. K. Dexter Haven: To behave herself naturally...Sorry.
  8. The Princess Bride
    Grandpa: She doesn't get eaten by the eels at this time. The Grandson: What? Grandpa: The eel doesn't get her. I'm explaining to you because you look nervous. The Grandson: I wasn't nervous. Maybe I was a little bit concerned, but that's not the same thing.
  9. The Quiet Man
    Mary Kate Danaher: I have a fearful temper. You might as well know about it now instead of findin' out about it later. We Danahers are a fightin' people.
  10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Rey: Where are you from? ... Classified? Really? Me too, big secret.