More like MinneSNOWta, am I right? Oh ya, you betcha.
  1. I'll start: me
    Home is in the south metro, but I'm living on campus in the twin cities. Here's a photo I took last summer way up north near a township called Biwabik.
  2. I'm here!
    Well I didn't grow up in Minnesota, but I've lived here over twenty years. Does that count?
    Suggested by   @ebsquared
  3. Me!!
    I grew up in Minneapolis and went away for eight years, but I'm back now! Well, for the time being. I'm job searching and could wind up anywhere. I ❤️ Minnesota!!!
    Suggested by   @evak
  4. Oh, hi!
    I'm in Minneapolis (it's what I'm listing about, today)! Here's a photo of Lake Calhoun I took recently.
    Suggested by   @margosita
  5. Here!
    Not a Minnesotan, but living in Minneapolis and loving it. Here's a picture of first ave because it's the only picture in my phone not of a dog or a baby.
    Suggested by   @daci
  6. What's up, mpls
    From the east coast, but I'm here now. ⛄️
    Suggested by   @IamChrisTodd
  7. Hello!
    Love the Minnesota love! I spent my entire childhood here and have since returned since going to college out of state. Was at Spyhouse earlier and took this shot.
    Suggested by   @mattan
  8. Hi there!
    South Minneapolis born and raised! I've been living the LA life for a few years now and I get really chilly when temps drop to the 60s until I tell myself YOU'RE FROM MINNESOTA, IN ALL 13 YEARS IN THE PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM YOU ONLY HAD ONE SNOW DAY AND IT WAS NOT BECAUSE OF SNOW BUT BECAUSE IT WAS TOO COLD TO BE OUTSIDE. AND WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU PLAYED OUTSIDE.
    Suggested by   @Sammyjbv
  9. Yo! OG brooklyn parker right here 😎
    Suggested by   @aprilkquioh
  10. From Minneapolis! Studying at Northwestern Uni right now but here's a pic of the city nearest and dearest to my heart
    Suggested by   @arianavandyck
  11. Late to the party.. But I'm here too! Mpls!
    Suggested by   @theresabulger
  12. Super late on this list. Sorry.
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