1. Blisters- bad ones
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  2. Owning nothing but exercise clothes
  3. Never being able to fit into real pants.
    If they fit in the waist they are too tight in the thighs, but if they fit in the thighs they are too loose in the waist. Nothing fits right. Ever.
  4. Having 1000 pairs of running shoes
  5. Big butt small boobs
  6. Having a water bottle with you at all times
  7. Your workouts get a little intense
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    Yep that shirt is covered in blood
  8. Your profile picture is probably of you running
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  9. Peeing your pants before/during/after a race
  10. Taking artsy photos of the track that take up all of the storage on your phone
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  11. Convincing everyone you know that they too should become a runner
  12. If you aren't talking about running you are probably thinking about it
  13. You don't really understand traditional sports but you are basically the Bob Costas of track and field
  14. You follow all of your favorite runners on Instagram
  15. LSD means something very different to you than it does to most people
    LSD stands for long slow distance
  16. Awkward tan lines
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  17. Awkward tan lines part two
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