1. "Things I should pray about"
    To help people who are not caught up in current events know what major things they should be praying about in the world.
  2. No cameras/phones allowed during the wedding
    I feel as though a lot of professional pictures have the guests taking pictures and it ruins the ambience. I think that I would rather have everyone truly be there and experiencing everything, not through a lens.
  3. Mash-up?
    Unashamed and I Stand in Awe of You, More than Life and I Surrender,
  4. Skit idea: devil/angel on the shoulders of people.
    Can have multiple people on stage with a pair or A/D. And how they interact and keep certain people away from sin or from truth. Refer to the first letter in Screwtape.
  5. FCS Solo?
    Not for a Moment, Gratitude, Glory - Selah
  6. enCORE
  7. Skit idea: Living stones Lego Francis Chan
  8. Make pillow out of Joy's tshirt for me
  9. Great are you lord, Bethel?
  10. Teach me something
  11. Heart to heart
  12. Self scooping ice cream store like Fro Yo
  13. This I believe mashup with God is Able
  14. Desert Song chorus (I will bring praise) with At your feet (surrender)
  15. Society changing with the generation under me being more stressed - why?
  16. #wangderful, #boomawang, #goingoutwithawang