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  1. I spend my time molding young minds
  2. Big believer that I can, in fact, have it all
  3. Just give me the coffee and shhhh
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  1. "You ought to have a boyfriend at your age."
  2. "Whenever you go to jail, I'll get you out because you're the reason I want to be a lawyer. And if I lose, I'll spend all my money to bail you out." "Why would I be in jail?" "Sometimes stuff just happens."
  3. "You look really tired. But not as tired as you did last week. You know that one day when my mom stayed home sick after coming to your house."
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  1. What I wish I woke up to every morning
  2. The most beautiful place in my city, during my favorite time of year.
  3. When great granny took her first selfie
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One GIF. And I even spelled my name wrong.
  1. This really requires no further searching as it exudes my inner feelings most times of day
  1. Opening the mailbox to 7 beautifully written, thoughtful letters.
    And 0 bills
  2. This email from a parent.
  3. This note on my board from a 1st grader
Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Intelligent
  2. Indicative
  3. Empathy
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