Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

  1. I spend my time molding young minds
  2. Big believer that I can, in fact, have it all
  3. Just give me the coffee and shhhh
  4. In my spare time, I like to torture myself by earning a masters degree
  5. I love to be outside
    And also love to go back inside
  6. Forget about asking me to watch a scary movie
  7. I either pick up on every little detail, or nothing at all
  8. I love to learn
    About anything, really. People, places, science, history (sometimes), stupid jokes, poems, music, etc.
  9. Nothing makes me happier than to feel that I've helped someone. Or to see others lend a helping hand
  10. Ask me for a book recommendation
    And lie to me if you don't like it. Shhhh. Yes, you did.
  11. No, I didn't eat all your good Halloween candy.
  12. My life's purpose is to serve and make a difference in the lives of children
  13. Among all else, I am a Jesus lover. For that love, I am forever grateful.