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Personal life choices and they are none of your business.
  1. I love fast food.
    There I said it!! I know too many people that will not eat fast food at all. Whatever. If I can pay $7 eat something delish AND not have to cook dinner. Please, I will choose Taco Bell anyday.
  2. McDonald's. I love it.
    You can't stop me. Their cheese sticks are to die for.
  3. I sell all my books at half price books
    Sure who doesn't love dusty books just sitting there for no reason?!
  4. I will weigh myself 35x a day.
    And NO I don't care about your opinion on MY mental health. Thanks for asking.
A la Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
  1. I ate a full canister of cinnamon rolls. Felt sick and then ate not only Panda Express but also chic fila for dinner tonight
  2. I used to cut my panties into thongs because I was too shy to ask my mom to buy those instead.
  3. I once threw up in front of my favorite Author
    Sorry Francis Chan!
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  1. My dog is throwing up.
  2. My fridge really needs to be watched.
    What if my milk spoils?!
  3. I don't want to come.
  1. A girl from high school who disliked me got divorced at 21. I was thrilled. I poured a drink out of celebration.
  2. I scoff at homeless people, unless they have dogs.
  3. I keep bones in my car just to give to homeless dogs.
  4. I prefer off brand Dr Pepper
Freshman year of college, all the way back. I was trying to impress my now husband with my amazing soccer skills.
  1. I fell, hit my head.
    Called and told my parents I may have a concussion.
  2. Went to my dorm to sleep it off
  3. Then was picked up and taken to a movie marathon in another dorm off campis
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My husband and I have a large dog. Need I say more?
  1. My husband has 16 instruments
    There's not enough storage in the world to store them in a 210 sq ft house.
  2. Said music gives me headaches
    Where would I hide??
  3. Sometimes I need space
  4. I can just imagine my dog permanently sitting on my face at all times
    47 lbs of pure love. And destruction
My entire family is meeting in San Diego. This is our first family trip since I've been married and obviously as young married folk we can't afford the $70 baggage fee... This begins the struggle of packing for a winter trip in a purse..
  1. Get out all wanted items
  2. Cry and realize none of this will fit
  3. Reorganize and list out outfits that use the same undergarments and shoe.
    Geez did I just say undergarments??! Who am I my grandma?
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Today, December 7 is my twenty second birthday. Here are a few highlights of my year
  1. Starting on anti-depression meds
    After years of having major depression I finally saw a doctor and started taking Zoloft. It's like carrying around a weight vest. It's always pressing on me. And holding me back. But the medicine helps and I finally got the help I need.
  2. Dropped out of college to pursue writing 100%
    After a 5 year struggle with college I quit. I finally decided that being a novelist is what I need to do. It's all I can think about. All I care about and now it has my full attention.
  3. Tried Whole30.. Lasted 2 days
    Whole30 is a trending diet that is similar but stricter then the paleo diet. No sugar, nothing processed, no carbs, no dairy, no peanuts. Basically just vegetables, fruit, meat, water, and black coffee. I cheated by pouring chocolate syrup straight from the bottle into my mouth. #noshame
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  1. Oh please no go on, complain about seeing your family when mine are on different continents. I can't even send a package.
  2. Trying to make a letter festive is near impossible.
  3. How many times can you say "get through this" I'll see you next year.
    *if you're able to take leave
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