Today, December 7 is my twenty second birthday. Here are a few highlights of my year
  1. Starting on anti-depression meds
    After years of having major depression I finally saw a doctor and started taking Zoloft. It's like carrying around a weight vest. It's always pressing on me. And holding me back. But the medicine helps and I finally got the help I need.
  2. Dropped out of college to pursue writing 100%
    After a 5 year struggle with college I quit. I finally decided that being a novelist is what I need to do. It's all I can think about. All I care about and now it has my full attention.
  3. Tried Whole30.. Lasted 2 days
    Whole30 is a trending diet that is similar but stricter then the paleo diet. No sugar, nothing processed, no carbs, no dairy, no peanuts. Basically just vegetables, fruit, meat, water, and black coffee. I cheated by pouring chocolate syrup straight from the bottle into my mouth. #noshame
  4. Cut off ties with my emotionally abusive father
    Enough was enough. I decided that I needed and was capable of protecting myself from him. although he gave me $40,000. That is not worth it.
  5. Finally hung frames on our walls
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    Mostly from my math loving husbands help. But I supervised. Now we are real grown ups! Right?!