Freshman year of college, all the way back. I was trying to impress my now husband with my amazing soccer skills.
  1. I fell, hit my head.
    Called and told my parents I may have a concussion.
  2. Went to my dorm to sleep it off
  3. Then was picked up and taken to a movie marathon in another dorm off campis
  4. I was gone for hours.
    But who cares, it's not like I had a curfew.
  5. 55 missed calls from my parents
    Oh crap
  6. Race back to my dorm to find cops waiting for me
    Awkward. Why don't they believe I was just watching Japanese horror movies and lying. Had to sign a bunch of paperwork saying I wasn't taken or harmed.
  7. My parents thought I was in a coma somewhere so they called the cops and listed me missing
    My dad is high ranking military officer so he had clearance to do this instead of waiting 24 hrs