Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. This reminds me that my squad goals have been met.
  2. Me crying at my birthday party, which was at Pizza Hut and had a Nickelodeon cake. Always nice to have a reminder that sometimes emotions happen (I was probably upset about the cake being chocolate) and that sometimes things are funny later.
  3. My coworkers made a winter wonderland for my birthday and it was the most magical cubicle ever created.
  4. Me lovingly spitting vitriol at a dear friend at a Christmas party. What's not to love?
  5. Aftermath of doing downtown Nashville tourist style with people who can (and did) drink us under the table.
  6. This photo of my mom with Harrison Ford, which she didn't send for months because she "didn't think we knew or cared who he was."
  7. And this.