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  1. it came out a little while ago
    maybe 2 weeks ago?
  2. it's just so good
  3. if you haven't heard his lordships newest creation you need to look it up
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  1. I finally decided to get rid of toxic people and things in my life
  2. I deleted all my social media
    except for Facebook because my family would kill me 😅
  3. I went MIA for a while and it's been nice
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  1. When I was 8 years old I worked on a horse farm
  2. I would work my ass off all week cleaning stalls and feeding horses for lessons
    I'm not complaining, I loved it
  3. There was a horse there named Noble
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  1. I can't turn my phone off because if my parents try to get ahold of me they'll flip if they can't
  2. If I go outside I'm afraid I'll run into someone on campus
  3. I try to go to a park or lake or something and get intruded with people and children
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  1. I found a four-leaf clover
  2. I saw a thunderstorm
  3. After the thunderstorm was a beautiful blue sky
  4. Happy Earth Day everyone
They may be in love with you and only you, but they also may just need to take time to themselves in order to be able to handle you again
  1. It starts with confusion.
    What did you do wrong? Was it you? Is there another person?
  2. Many questions are asked
    Are we in this or not? Do you still love me? Is there any future? Am I wasting my time? What do you want from me?
  3. Then comes a vague explanation
    "I love you and I want only you but I can't do the whole relationship thing"
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  1. When I argue with someone who is important to me I get sick to my stomach
  2. Yes I may be angry or upset
  3. But I'm so afraid of hurting the other person or losing them
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  1. Seriously, why does no one question Meredith eating Angela's hand sanitizer
  2. After Oscar comes out as being gay (well Michael made him come out) Angela was disgusted
  3. So she decided to constantly use hand sanitizer around him
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Majority of nights I have really strange dreams. I had a really really strange one last night but I forget it ): good thing I had like 3 dreams at least I remember one
  1. I was looking out the window of my dorm
  2. Baby bunnies live outside
  3. All the sudden I saw a baby bunny in my room!
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  1. It never remembers names
    I will meet someone and literally the next minute I forget their name and feel like an awful person
  2. I ruminate on the past way too much
    I'll think about the past when something similar happens to me and then I assume that bad thing is going to happen again and then I go crazy and get worried for no reason bc the past is the past
  3. It makes me think I'm hungry all the time
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