I just realized that I haven't really introduced myself to my fellow listers. I do not have many followers right now but I'll give everyone a little bit about me!
  1. I am a freshman at college
    Currently attend University of Kentucky but I will be transferring to Delaware Valley University next semester #GoRams
  2. I have a dog named Angel who I've had since I was 6.
    We share the same birthday
  3. I also ride a horse named Pumpkin. She is my Aunt's horse since my parents couldn't afford the upkeep of her.
    She's a quarter horse on paper but I think she's mustang.
  4. My parents have been divorced since I was about 7 or 8
    It was a very good thing they got divorced
  5. My mom lives in Delaware and my dad currently lives in South Jersey but he is looking to move soon
  6. I love reading and writing
  7. My favorite tv show is The Office
  8. I have an amazing boyfriend who is so good to me
    His name is Brock and I love him so much
  9. I like to go explore outside
    I like fishing with Brock and going on trail rides with pumpkin and just taking walks through the woods
  10. I don't really like beaches.
    I'm more of a lake person
  11. I have resting bitch face but on the inside I'm very kind and loving
  12. My dream is to own a farm where I can have a barn and pasture for my horses
    I would love to adopt wild mustangs, retrain them, and then adopt them out to good homes
  13. Also, I am the poster child of snickers.