1. When I argue with someone who is important to me I get sick to my stomach
  2. Yes I may be angry or upset
  3. But I'm so afraid of hurting the other person or losing them
  4. I want them in my life
  5. But something has made me upset and clearly that topic makes them upset as well
  6. I'm glad that arguments solve issues
  7. But during a fight my heart rate rapidly increases
  8. I feel like I'm going to throw up
  9. I get so worked up that I usually have to take a nap after a fight
  10. But the worst part about fighting with someone important is after the fight
  11. It's so awkward and I hate it
  12. You're coming off of that heated disagreement yet you're still friends and everything is okay
  13. It's so confusing
  14. I never know what to say or how to act
  15. Then I start to think about the things that were said and I feel bad and regret them
  16. But it's too late to bring it up again
  17. I just wish arguing with someone was easier.
    Disclosure: not saying my arguments with people are ever screaming fights. Just a simple major conflict between myself and someone else really upsets me