...and this is a good thing. I have finally realized I am not as great of a writer as I thought I was.
  1. Coming into college I was cocky about my writing skills
  2. I had received much praise and awards throughout high school
  3. Even my first semester I bullshitted all my papers
    Although I did spend some time on my news articles
  4. Yet my history class has knocked me down a couple pegs: right where I need to be
  5. I received my very first D on a paper... Probably ever
    I've gotten plenty of D's and F's; just not in writing
  6. I wrote my second paper and went to my TA to get his opinion on things I should work on
  7. I realized that my writing actually sucked and was completely embarrassed
    If he knew how my articles were written he would've understood why I was embarrassed
  8. The worst part was trying to fix my essay before it was due
  9. I was so frustrated because I had to think so hard on how I could expand my ideas
  10. I felt like they just kept asking me to elaborate and I was only beating a dead horse
    (I hate that expression, I love horses)
  11. Finally by midnight I put it away. I know there's probably still some mistakes in it but I'll fix them before I print
  12. This just made me realize that I need to put a lot more time and thought into my college papers because my usual writing ain't cutting it no more
  13. And I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop telling myself I'm a good writer and start focusing on my weak points so I can improve
  14. Yes, this is a sign of personal growth