1. First thought: shit I should have learned how to set this up before actually trying to set it up
  2. Okay, no I get this. The straps go through there and.. Okay done!
    Literally done within 3 minutes. Such an easy set up
  3. Sitting in it was fairly comfortable and I did not feel like I was about to fall out
  4. Laying down it felt like I was in a cocoon
    So cozy
  5. It was fairly windy but the eno only swayed a little bit.
    Just enough to make it relaxing
  6. Very comfortable to read in.
    New favorite reading spot
  7. Unfortunately it started to get stormy and chilly so I took it down and went inside
  8. But I will be using my eno a lot more now that I know what it's like to set up and take down
    Literally the best thing ever
  9. I vow to use my eno daily once summer comes around with warm weather
  10. Static
  11. Static