1. When I was 8 years old I worked on a horse farm
  2. I would work my ass off all week cleaning stalls and feeding horses for lessons
    I'm not complaining, I loved it
  3. There was a horse there named Noble
  4. He's a beautiful bay Arabian gelding with one white sock on his left hind leg
  5. Everyone at that huge barn was afraid of him and thought he was "mean"
  6. Does this look like a mean horse?
    Yes, this was the very first time I met Noble and completely fell in love with him
  7. We created the strongest bond and I'll probably never have that with anyone or any thing else
  8. He absolutely adored me
    I'm crying writing this
  9. He would follow me anywhere I went and whinnied whenever I would leave
  10. Well once that summer ended I would go visit him frequently
  11. His owner didn't like me very much because I bonded with her horse better than she did
    Even tho she was never around and gave him no attention
  12. It broke my heart that I wasn't allowed to ride this horse
  13. I just wanted to do everything and go everywhere with him
  14. He's just the coolest horse
    He liked to take selfies with me
  15. After a while my visits became less frequent because life just got in the way
  16. The less I visited, the more I noticed he wasn't himself
  17. He didn't seem peppy or wild anymore
  18. The life was gone in his eyes
  19. It breaks my heart still to this day
  20. I wish I could go back and relive that summer over and over again
  21. That was the happiest time of my life
  22. Static