1. Not being around horses
  2. Missing my dog
  3. Feeling down on myself
  4. When I make a mistake with someone I sit and ponder about it for a while
  5. Being at kentucky
  6. When I'm feeling extra ugly it makes me feel extra down on myself
  7. When all I want is a hug but I can't have one
  8. When it's cold and cloudy outside
  9. Thinking about my future
  10. Thinking about my past
  11. The present moment also sucks
  12. When I feel fat even though I'm not
  13. When Landslide comes on (that always makes me cry)
  14. When I don't have anyone to talk to when I need someone most
  15. When someone important and close to me doesn't see how much I'm hurting inside
  16. Giphy
  17. Social media existing