1. Acting normal after arguing/bickering with someone
  2. When someone tries to talk to me while I'm on the phone with someone else
    Seriously.. Don't just stand there because i won't stop my conversation just for you...???
  3. Talking about myself
  4. Pretending to like a gift because some distant relative thought they "knew me so well"
  5. When someone tries to hit on me and I have to tell them I have a boyfriend in the least-bitchy way possible
  6. When someone walks right in my walking path and i have to move to make room for them
  7. Asking someone for a ride
    Which only happens because I don't have my car at college aka worst decision of my life
  8. Telling people that I disagree with them
    I stand strong in defending what I believe is true but I get really anxious in the process. I start to sweat and my heart races but at the end of it all I usually win the argument (usually)