1. God damn dude you fucking stink
  2. Ugh why are there so many people here
  3. Please don't stand behind me while I lift
  4. Okay sure. Stand right behind me.
  5. I will stand here until you leave
  6. Great here comes that old guy who follows me around
  7. Gosh no wonder all the girls in here workout with their roommate or boyfriend
  8. Alright dude put the 50 lb dumbbell down you aren't that big
  9. Damn that girl has a nice butt why can't my butt look like that
  10. I wanna go home now why do I even try
  11. Damn boy nice form on that squat
  12. *looking at guys walking by* nice ass, nice ass, eh could squat a bit more...
  13. Ugh I feel like I didn't even do anything today that was a lame workout