They may be in love with you and only you, but they also may just need to take time to themselves in order to be able to handle you again
  1. It starts with confusion.
    What did you do wrong? Was it you? Is there another person?
  2. Many questions are asked
    Are we in this or not? Do you still love me? Is there any future? Am I wasting my time? What do you want from me?
  3. Then comes a vague explanation
    "I love you and I want only you but I can't do the whole relationship thing"
  4. More confusion
    So is there another person? Did I do something to push you away?
  5. Then the understanding
    Okay so you DONT want anyone else but you also don't want a relationship
  6. More questioning
    So should I stick around or should I tell them to fuck off and stop playing with my emotions?
  7. Then the realization that your relationship has gotten unpleasant for the both of you
    The solution found is to just give them space
  8. And you realize YOU also need space
    Probably more than they do
  9. You see this as a good thing
    Taking time to get yourself together and regroup is a positive thing and it's necessary
  10. The last thing is just avoiding thinking long term
    Thinking long term will only raise more questions and you won't have a positive experience and in turn you will just go right back to the start of the issues. Relax and live your life dude