1. Crazy
  2. Responsible
    I am definitely the mom of the group
  3. Spontaneous
  4. Animal-lover
  5. Witchy
    Stevie Nicks is my soul mother
  6. "Raccoon"
    My boyfriend often compares me to a raccoon. If you don't understand (because I didn't) look up funny raccoon videos on YouTube and you'll fall in love with the little guys
  7. Dedicated
  8. Feisty
  9. Manly
    Yes I burp a lot and try to fight people even though I'm 5'2
  10. Outspoken
  11. Scary
    Yes, if I do not like someone or they did something wrong to me or a friend I can become an evil bitch
  12. Funny
  13. Well-liked
  14. Strong
  15. Giphy
    And here's Stevie bc I love her