I am a substitute teacher. Today I subbed 8th Grade English
  1. SOME KIDS tried to object when I put The Outsiders on.
    Like, it's THE OUTSIDERS. How do you not want to watch Patrick Swayze care for ponyboy in a tight black tshirt
  2. I couldn't eat basically my entire lunch because I got exiled to a NUT FREE ROOM
    I had a Pbj sandwich, a fruit and nut granola bar, some fruit, and almonds
  3. I lost my page in my book
    After watching The Outsiders three times, I got my book out and DROPPED IT. Loosing my spot and the quiet nature of my room.
  4. I got my period WHILE WEARING SPANX
    The horror! The tight, painful horror!
  5. Some kid called ROB LOWE weird looking
  6. The automatic doors at CVS didn't open and I ran right into them
  7. Giphy
  8. Giphy
  9. Giphy