A Poem I wrote while slightly hungover, I think...

  1. A spool of dwindling material
  2. bears notion to the changing season
  3. currently raging through our
  4. desperate landscape.
  5. Eternal light peeks over the horizon,
  6. for the time being, at least.
  7. Great minds spew into the mouths of
  8. Hungry, Snobby, Coercing
  9. intellectuals.
  10. Jarring noises ping against society's
  11. kabalistic walls.
  12. Latitudinarian children dance with a fleeting
  13. moment as their mothers dance with
  14. Narcissism.
  15. Opalescent colors strewn across the sky
  16. propose a titillating, yet
  17. quixotic message.
  18. Repressed scholars attempt to lobotomize
  19. sacred idealist philosophies as
  20. topical monologues are performed by
  21. undersold drag queens dressed like
  22. Vanna freakin White
  23. who embraces the
  24. xenial representation.
  25. You! The one standing in the back shaking his head
  26. zealously. Who do you think you are?