Another GD Listroduce in Your Feed??

  1. I'm Morgan!
    And this is a totally unrealistic picture of me...
  2. That's better.
  3. I'm from New Jersey and I'm VERY proud
    I know most think it's the worst because of our governor or "The Jersey Shore" or our smell (?), but it's home and it's the best.
  4. I grew up and still live at the beach
    The REAL jersey the very bottom of the state
  5. I love NJ so much I'm a camp counselor for a conference that basically pumps NJ pride into the air
    It's actually a student council conference run by the New Jersey Association of Student Councils. It's the highlight of my summer and the time of my life.
  6. I graduate from Southern New Hampshire University in August
    With a degree in English, Creative Writing and Screenwriting! This is an average assignment, which I love:
  7. And the day after that...I turn 21!!!
    So I can do this legally!!!
  8. I'm a waitress
    Which is the most hilarious and enlightening job while also being extremely frustrating and terrible.
  9. I love waffles, which is a major reason why I think I'm Leslie Knope
    Upcoming list: all the waffles I've eaten so far this year
  10. I also love providing services for people (another reason I'm like Leslie...hint hint)
    I cried when I crafted the perfect surprise balloon drop at my senior year homecoming and everyone loved it dance:
  11. I wore a feather on my head for senior prom Gatsby Style
    Yes this is important because no one ever believes me
  12. I'm known to wear fairy wings on occasion to public places for the awkward looks.
    I like to have fun
  13. I got my wisdom teeth out and everyone thought I was crazy to use a bra to hold ice packs
  14. I have the cutest dog in the world
    Don't argue with me
  15. I love to read.
    I promise I'm always available for book recommendations. I always buy my books because they A) are my trophies and B) I write all over them
  16. I love Tangled
    So much so that I was asked to prom my senior year with floating lanterns 😍
  17. On occasion, I let large men prove they can lift me while I'm drinking.
    I'm planning on making the weirdest photo album ever to keep in my bathroom for people to page through on the toilet.
  18. I love make-up, but I don't wear a lot day to day
  19. I've performed in lots of shows
    You're looking at an actor/singer/dancer combo!!! JK haven't done any since high school and was never really all that good.
  20. I love going to SEE shows
    Yes I saw Hamilton and yes that is my precious mother who is a god among men for getting the tickets
  21. I celebrated King's Day in Amsterdam which was maybe the most fun I've ever had
    Also on that trip I was in Scotland, Ireland, France and England
  22. Ireland is by far my favorite place
    In the oldest bar in Kilarney
  23. I lost my Dad when I was 10
    It'll be 10 years without him this year. I won't dwell on it, maybe if I'm in a sad/remembrance list kinda mood; I have a tattoo of a sound wave of his voice saying "I love you, good luck" on my arm. This is an awk pic I had to send my friend because she didn't believe me.
  24. I live with two ladies and a dog
    My amazing mother and my darling sister. It's like a slumber party all the time. I love them more than anything and I would give up the world for them.
  25. This is way longer than it should be and half of you probably won't read it and it was definitely just an excuse to show you some pictures of me