Inspired by @jpbateson I love this!!!
  1. I am the most true version of myself when at LTC
    I counsel a Leadership Training Conference once a summer. Every year I come back and realize I had lost a bit of myself before.
  2. I am a good waitress
    *humble brag* A customer told me yesterday I was "the best waitress we've ever had. And we go out to eat a lot". It may not mean a lot, but when you get bogged down about a job that usually involves people walking all over you and not treating you like a human, this is a win!!!
  3. I get more joy out of writing and letting other people take the stage than I am at getting up there.
    Also happened at camp, I wrote soooo many skits then gave them to other people. It was also nice for people to come up and ask for advice about their skits.
  4. I am not able to swallow fatty meats without vomiting
  5. There's a special place in my life for educating kids
    NO I do not want to be a teacher, it's not a job I'm cut out for, however there will always remain a spot in my heart for educating kids of all ages. I love being an influence in someone's life