I haven't made a list in a while because I haven't been feeling too hot
  1. On July 5th 2006 my mom took my dad to the doctor for his incredible chest pain, he was quickly transferred to the hospital.
  2. On July 6th 2006 my mom came home without him and had to tell me (10) and my sister (4) he had died over night.
  3. He had an accelerated form of Leukemia and we had absolutely no idea.
  4. I wasn't too young to understand, and although I remember lying in his sheets, smelling him, wishing it was a mistake, I did well with the news.
  5. I played with my sister who didn't understand.
  6. I comforted my mom as she called to tell people.
  7. We went to grief counseling and I spoke at several events about my experience at their events between the ages of 10 and 13
    I think it's where my love of public speaking originated
  8. I had no intense or memorable issues with grieving until I was in college even though everyone tells you it can only get better.
  9. I didn't feel bad until I watched father daughter dances at weddings.
  10. It didn't get hard until he wasn't at graduations and proms.
  11. There's no telling how you will react to the amount of stress brought on by loosing a parent.
  12. I watched Zach Braff's Movie "Wish I Was Here" and heard this
  13. Static
  14. I have never heard something that applied to my situation more than this.
  15. People are taken from us too soon, my dad wasn't the first and he isn't the last.
  16. But through the heartbreak I learned how to help people in similar situations.
  17. I've learned to embrace differences.
  18. I've learned how to provide services that make people happy.
  19. I've learned to not take advantage of what I have been given and to not live a privileged life.
  20. I've learned how to keep his memory alive through the stories we tell about him.
  21. I've learned to find something I care about and to care about it deeply.
  22. I've learned to live every facet of my life passionately.
  23. I've learned to seek possibility everywhere.
  24. I've learned to honor his memory in any way I can and not focus on being him but emulating the person he was and striving to be the person he raised me to be.