Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe people's sock drawers should consist of half orphaned socks otherwise they are untrustworthy
  2. I believe the perfect potato chip is out there somewhere
  3. I believe mirrored picture frames are confusing for all
  4. I believe there is nothing that can't be fixed by a cup of tea and a puppy snuggle
    Or a beer if the stakes are higher
  5. I believe waffles are the superior breakfast food
  6. I believe books are essential insights to human nature of the past, present and future
  7. I believe buffalo chicken dip should be included as its own food group
  8. I believe waitresses who deal with tourists should be granted bonuses for emotional abuse
  9. I believe you should be considerate of others and your surroundings constantly
  10. I believe if you drink a 24 oz. glass of water, take three Motrin and eat a granola bar or a couple of goldfish you will not wake up with a hangover
  11. I believe alarm clocks were once satan's call to hell and people found a better use for them
  12. I believe that dogs should always wear bandanas