Items I Stumped 7th Grade Art Students with During Pictionary

Today I got to be a real life super-villain when I subbed for seventh grade art. The teacher said not to give them any easy ones. 😈
  1. Typewriter
    The kid drew something that vaguely resembled a keyboard on top of a mousepad. Top guesses were: "a calendar", "a vintage laptop"
  2. Phone cord
    He drew a bunch of squiggly lines connecting to an iPhone. Top guess "a phone charger", "that new case we talked about in English"
  3. Phone booth
    She drew a British phone booth and someone guessed 'One Direction'
  4. Homephone
    Lots of phone related items and they didn't get a single damn one
  5. Pay phone
    She drew something that looked like a person either washing dishes or had HUGE boobs. Top guess for sure "a hooker".
  6. Phone book
    "Like, your contacts?"
  7. Check
    Girlfriend drew a freaking check mark
  8. North America
    "I don't know what that looks like"
  9. Cassette
    "Ms. Perry, I literally have no idea why that is *awkward laugh*"
  10. The future of America!