My Favorite Photos of the Summer

With the start of fall just around the corner, I wanted to reflect on my favorite moments of this summer through pictures.
  1. Lantern Festival 9/10
    Most beautiful thing I've ever seen
  2. Bruce Springsteen Concert 9/9
    He played Jersey Girl and I cried
  3. Dunkin' Doughnuts 9/8
  4. Phillies Game 8/30
    Haleigh (my sister) bought me tickets for my birthday! With my mom and aunt
  5. Nightmare in Strathmere 8/27
    In my home town where I waitress we have an annual boat parade. There's always a theme and we have to make costumes and work in them, lol.
  6. Nani's Surprise 80th 8/25
    My Nani practically raised me, we're not related but she babysat me from the time I was 6 wks old. The other girl is her real granddaughter who is now one of my best friends.
  7. Best Friend comes home 8/19
    My best friend from high school now lives in NYC. When he comes home to visit my heart explodes.
  8. Lips got sunburnt, imitated Kylie 8/13
    Self explanatory
  9. Surprise 21st Birthday 8/10
    My mom is an angel, and her and my sister worked their ass off to throw me a party with all my favorite people
  10. More celebrating my birthday with my friend Tessa 8/10
    We met at LTC!!!
  11. Beach visit from my beautiful friend 8/9
    My friend Tessa lives 3 hours away, any day spent with her is a blessing.
  12. Party where I hogged mini weenies 8/6
    Self explanatory
  13. Best friend's birthday on the beach 8/6
    Spent the whole day with her and her family
  14. Happiest place in the world (LTC)7/13-18
    I counsel a leadership training conference. These are some of my favorite people in the world
  15. Old lady skit with my co-counselor 7/14
    Again, at the happiest place on earth
  16. Birthday dinner at LTC 7/18
    This year LTC turned 61! We're the oldest running leadership training conference in the country. This is my fellow last-year counselors popping sparkling cider (school approved)
  17. My handsome devil dog 7/2
  18. My favorite second cousin 7/4
    My cousin's daughter is the sassiest, cutest 8 yo ever
  19. Cousin's wedding 6/18
    Beautiful cousins (only missing one)
  20. Cousin's wedding 6/18
    Love my mama
  21. My sister graduates 8th grade 6/16
    With my mom and her boyfriend (who we are incredibly lucky to have in our lives)
  22. Night in philly with my friend 6/15
    We went to a spa open house for her older sister's job and I bought way too many of their products
  23. Eating a waffle at my favorite breakfast joint 6/12
  24. This was easily the best summer of my life. 🌞 very thankful