Inspired by @lstblkgrl and everyone else
  1. We go and see a movie that we're both really into. He notices my habit of turning my ring on my finger when I'm nervous, anxious, sad etc.
  2. Ice cream with waffles. Always
  3. Rewatching Stranger Things
  4. Helping me with a really hard crossword puzzle (I live for crossword puzzles)
  5. Spend hours in a bookstore separately, get in the car and discuss what we bought
  6. Take 1000000 buzzfeed quizzes
  7. We stay up really late to watch the stars while laying on the trampoline in my backyard
  8. He appreciates my taste in beer and brings a six pack home
  9. He somehow always finds sunflowers when I need a pick-me-up
  10. We ice skate in socks on hardwood floors