While li.st is on the rise, have you ever heard of a little social network called Facebook? Go join, but here's what you need to know first.
  1. "THE MOM"
    ****don't actually have to be a mom to be "the mom"****
  2. A common "The Mom" can be found sharing funny animal videos, up-and-coming young singers, or other people's photos
    Notice how "sharing" is a constant theme
  3. Often found commenting things like:
  4. "OMG how'd he get so big!"
  5. "You KNOW I'm going out tonight. LOL"
  7. Once in a while they do some really funny shit, but the rest of the time everyone is kinda like, "what the hell?"
  8. They share random videos that aren't funny or cute. "The James Franco" is the only person you are friends with who still posts status updates.
  9. However, when you see a new meme, bet your ass you saw it first on "The James Franco's" page.
  10. Most likely to rant on Facebook about a parking ticket he got because he didn't read the sign
  11. Most likely to post a PERSONAL video of her playing some instrument she "just picked up" that is absolute shit
  12. "THE VOTER"
  13. "The Voter" has been the most prominent poster on your feed since summer 2015.
  14. Regardless of their views, they are constantly posting stories and videos of speeches.
  15. They have most likely put up a photo of their dog/baby/car donning campaign memorabilia.
  16. When the primaries rolled around they posted a status an hour "If you're registered to vote" - which you should be because they reminded you like a million times up till this moment - "go out and make a difference. If you don't know which candidate, take this quiz!"
  18. 30 random notifications at two in the morning later and it seems Becky from high school has liked every terrible picture of me ever.
  19. Like, we get it. None of us were cute in high school.
  20. Hardly ever posts any of their own stuff, their notifications are full of people responding to their stalking sessions.
  21. We're all a little creepy
  22. "THE NERD"
  23. The nerd is kinda cool as hell in my book. They are most often posting weird funny tumblr things.
  24. They lust after hot celebrities playing superheroes.
  25. Most often quoted as:
  26. "OMG he is so hot I'm gonna die"
  27. "Save a Dance for me Cap"
  28. "Omg Bruce Banner is a low key hottie"
  30. Frequent pushers of their latest favorite book/movie
  31. Always always always posts trailers for films coming out in two years.
  32. When an independent Sundance film makes it big, he will claim he posted the preview a while ago.
  33. Often caught saying "THIS CHANGED MY LIFE"
  35. They genuinely care about a lot of things
  36. Like A LOT, A LOT
  37. Most likely cool people in person but absolutely are the worst on social media.
  38. Often go along with the voter but is certainly able to branch out to be an ass about more specific issues