Questions I Would Ask Disney Princesses in Real-Housewives-Style Tell-All Interview

Andy Cohen is always trying to stir up trouble
  1. Ariel, what did Prince Eric say when you told him you once harbored a life-size statue of him before his father-in-law blew it to pieces?
  2. Cinderella, how did Prince Charming feel when he found out all your friends are mice?
  3. Snow White, I heard a nasty rumor when you moved into the palace you got rid of all the maids to make jobs for your friends. Tell me, aren't the forest animals better suited for smaller spaces anyway?
  4. Aurora, was it overwhelming to wake up and have parents and a husband after falling asleep single and orphaned?
  5. Anna, is the act of eating a sandwich suddenly tainted for you?
  6. Belle, I know you don't necessarily follow the crowd, but weren't all of your friends a whole lot cuter when they were inanimate objects?
  7. Mulan, you are a BAMF and I have no shifty questions to ask you except for what the hell do you coat your sleeve with that gets all your makeup off at once?
  8. Jasmine, I am so intrigued about how tall your mother was.
  9. Rapunzel, do you ever think Flynn's quick thinking to give you a shaggy MOM haircut was secretly his way to get you to agree to kids?
  10. Cindy and Snow, do you guys ever get the least bit suspicious you both married Charmings? Let's talk about that.