My grandmother bought us tickets to see the Rockettes with a church group. Besides myself, my mom, sister, aunt and cousins, no one is under 65
  1. "We're gonna shovel off and we're gonna have a prayer"
  2. "You don't need a map????"
  3. "You're sure you won't get lost?"
  4. "It smells like grandmom's washcloths on this bus"
  5. "We're going to say a prayer to begin our happy journey"
  6. "Let us have a happy and fulfilling journey. Amen. No I shouldn't say amen, that sounds too final"
  7. "I need all the staff I can get because I'm getting to that stage"
  8. My Mimi about the priest, "he has such an arousing voice"
  9. "Claudia out"
  10. "Our driver is not Claude, his name is Vance and he has been with us three times before. I forgot. He is strong and silent"
  11. *Mom on facebook* "I clicked on this because I thought it said 'best dating cities' and wanted you to move there. But it says 'best dating sites!' Do you want me to still send it to you?"
  12. "I'm so excited I couldn't even sleep"
  13. *gives detailed instructions on how to cross the street*
  14. "And if you look to your left you'll see 'Lil Zeus' Lunch Box' its authentic Greek cuisine"
  15. "Did you get to do any sight seeing? I did I can hardly walk"
  16. "We still have a full bus. If we were missing people...I was going to do something drastic"
  17. "We have a nice surprise waiting for you all on the bus! Giddy up!"
  18. Update: the surprise is napkins
  19. Update: i made the mistake of saying "wow I needed these" and four people around me gave me theirs