Inspired by @marymurphy
  1. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" - Meatloaf
    A classic tradition among the most elite leaders of NJ at the camp I refer to in: Another GD Listroduce in Your Feed??
  2. "Thunder Road" - The Boss (Bruce...come on now)
    Most often shown off at a family wedding whilst waiting for transportation... I wish we could post videos.
  3. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" - John Denver
    Once upon a time my family of 30 thought Thanksgiving at my uncle's 2-bedroom West Virginia hunting cabin was a good idea. Two RV's, some slight burns to my aunt's arm, and several cases of beer later, this song became forever imbedded in Griffiths family history.
  4. "Hold On" - Wilson Phillips
    One time I played this eight times in a row at work on the jukebox. By the third time bar customers were clapping along; on the fifth, drunk men joined in singing; by the seventh everyone was tired. I know all the "Bridesmaids" 'dance moves'.
  5. "My Shot" - Hamilton
    Or basically anything from Hamilton. BUT YES, I CAN RAP THE WHOLE THING IF U WERE WONDERING.
  6. "Open Arms" OR "Faithfully" - Journey
    Two instrumentally perfect slow jams. You can cry to it, you can dance to it with scarves, you can scream it for fun. The options are endless my friends.
  7. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Bonnie Tyler
    Somewhere on the Internet, there is a video of me and my friends singing this - age 14-16 - in someone's bedroom. It ends with a blanket hitting the ceiling fan and whipping around, knocking the camera over. DONT LOOK FOR IT.
  8. "Juliet" - LMNT
    I used to daydream about the cutest nerd in my class singing this to me while on the bus listening to my bulky CD player.
  9. "Galway Girl" - Mundy
    When I actually went to Galway and lived out my "P.S. I Love You" (tried to) fantasy, I was told 'Americans ruined this song' idc still fun as hell to sing.
  10. "Build Me Up Buttercup" - The Foundations
    This was my first dance recital performance ever
  11. "Everyday" - HSM2/ any song from all three
    I am always Gabriella and my sister is always Troy. Duh
  12. "Alone" - Celine Dion
    Last time I went "all-out" singing this, I lost my voice.
  13. "Runaways" - The Killers
    Will always be the best "Windows-down-late-warm-night tune.