Songs on my Happy/Sad playlist

I literally listen to these songs to cry and when I'm feeling inspired, sometimes it switches between tracks
  1. Fix You by Coldplay
    The instrumental break has the power to both break me into tears and to propel me into an inspired fit of writing
  2. Hollywood Waltz by The Eagles
    "She gave more than she's taken" will always have a personal tie for me, whether I need a good cry or I need to feel better about myself for a minute, I turn to this song
  3. Dance With Me by The Orleans
    There's something very special about how their voices sound together, I can't explain it, but I just always want to listen to it over and over
  4. Need The Sun To Break by James Bay
    I first found this song as inspiration for a very sad writing project I had to do in college. The scene surrounded a family whose patriarch was dying. I have cried so many times to this song, but I've also found ways to listen and translate it so that it makes me smile, not necessarily happy, but content with my feelings
  5. Growing Up by Run River North
    "There's a fight to be won, for the love you find at home", there will never be a song that will remind me more of home and my loving family, mostly my dad.
  6. High Hope by Glenn Hansard
    Watch the music video. Watch the music video. Watch the music video.
  7. I And Love And You by The Avett Brothers
    These boys always amaze me with their music; this is a song I will never get tired of.
  8. Life Is Hard by Edward Sharpe
    This is another song I found when writing a very sad scene, it doesn't necessarily have the power to make me happy, but it always reminds me of the scene I wrote in which three characters have total separate breakdowns, which lead to them living as their true selves
  9. Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney
    I will always fantasize about slow dancing with someone to this at a Wedding, ever since the scene in Parenthood in Sarah's wedding
  10. Flares by The Script
    This one I found through a fan-made video highlighting the highs and lows of the characters on Shameless. It's kind of beautiful
  11. Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen
    Will always remind me of camp, will always make me cry, but will always bring some of my favorite memories to the surface
  12. Father and Son by Cat Stevens
    Yo, this might be weird, I've always loved this song but when the play it at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I actually lost it
  13. I've Seen All Good People by Yes
    This song reminds me of waitressing and having to work with people who aren't necessarily nice to work with, but are fun outside of that environment. You have to have very tough skin in that environment and it's a lot easier to shit on your co-workers when you're being shit on by customers
  14. Rave On Sad Songs by Jason Collett
    My sister showed me this song, it will forever remind me of her.
  15. Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison
    Always my favorite. Always a jam.