Inspired by @ana
  1. My Mom grew up in a moderate town in New Jersey called Pennsauken
  2. My Dad, though born in Philadelphia, moved to Sea Isle City, NJ at the shy age of six months where he would spend most of the rest of his life
  3. She was the youngest of five
    In front in blue
  4. And he was the oldest of five
    Sadly I do not have a photo, I am extremely underprepared
  5. She was hit by a car when she was six and was in a cast from the waist down (over BOTH legs)
    It happened the day before Christmas Eve and if you ask her what she was most upset about it was the fact they had to cut her brand new "Tuesday" underwear off of her
  6. He had to be airlifted off the roof of their home with my Pop Pop, Mimi, and Aunt DL in the storm of 1962
    The storm was so bad it brought flash floods, high winds and terrible destruction of houses. My family owned a large pier that stretched into the ocean with several businesses that were all washed away
  7. They were both raised Catholic and come from large Irish-Catholic families.
    Though my Dad's mom was a mixture of Italian and Irish, which explains his dark complexion
  8. Mom went to college for Engineering at William Patterson
    Her father was a very well-worked engineer for the US military and worked on a lot of crazy projects (though he wouldn't dare brag)
  9. Dad attended Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, he dropped out his senior year.
  10. The Deauville Inn opens in Strathmere, NJ. One beach town north of Sea Isle
  11. Dad starts work as a young bartender and is instantly likable
    He was genuinely one of the most well liked human beings I have ever known, not in a braggy way.
  12. Mom's family vacations in Strathmere. She eventually gets a job at The Deauville Inn as a waitress when she's 21.
  13. Mom meets Dad (27).
  14. Mom and Dad work together a lot and become quite fond of each other. They start dating
  15. Mom continues to work throughout the winter and they break up for a little while.
  16. Six months after their breakup, they get back together again. They date for several years before Dad proposes.
    In those several years they lived together in Sea Isle and worked together at the Deauville
  17. She had gone to Tokyo for an engineering program for a month and he told his mom it was the hardest month of his life.
  18. She flew home to news that her sister (Aunt Linda) got engaged the night before.
  19. My Dad called and asked her to come down to Sea Isle (about an hour and twenty minute drive). She explained the situation and insisted he come up to celebrate.
    This was right before Christmas
  20. Dad was persistent and they got in a huge fight and mom made the drive
  21. When she got there the room was full of presents and she angrily asked "oh did you get me here to wrap all of your presents for you"
  23. "You only have to wrap this one, if you'd like"
  25. The Deauville Inn threw them a HUGE engagement party on a boat and entered it in that summers boat parade contest
  26. They were married in October 1991 with 408 of their closest friends and family: mom (26), dad (32)
    Told you, Dad was a popular guy. And they paid for it all by themselves by working at the Deauville.
  27. Mom then decided she wanted to go back for nursing school. She got her associates degree and became an ER nurse. She stayed at the Deauville until they bought a house.
    The same one we live in today!
  28. Dad remained at The Deauville as "King Bartender" and brought in a ton of business
  29. They were adorable and had so much fun.
  30. Thy traveled a lot....
    Awesome shorts
  31. The only time I've ever been to The Grand Canyon was here in her belly!
  32. Then in 1995, they were *blessed* with me
  33. They both wanted a big family, but had a lot of difficulty getting pregnant after me.
  34. It wasn't until 2001 when they were (actually) blessed with my sister, Haleigh
    I named her after one of the twins in The Parent Trap
  35. We had a lot of fun together
  36. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away in 2006 and we were all heartbroken
  37. It was very hard but my mom is an AMAZING woman. She works harder than anyone I know and I have never had more respect for one person.
  38. Now I work at The Deauville Inn and have the pleasure of listening to customers telling me "business just isn't what it used to be when your dad was around", they also tell me super awesome things about his personality that I sorta never had the chance to see
  39. Now it's been 10 years, and we love my Dad, and yes my mom has a boyfriend and yes, we love him too. I am very fortunate to have had two amazing father figures in my life (not to mention all the friends' dads and uncles who have adopted us as their own.