1. "I would rather choke myself than not be on that patch of grass any longer"
  2. "What is that? A rabbit? Another small doggie like me? Just a bird? Better go after it anyway so it knows I am mighty"
  3. "Morgan just dropped her mug because I wrapped my leash around her legs. Haha! Fuck you fake mom!"
  4. "I hope this neighbor notices I pee on her flowers everyday. Mom hates her."
  5. "Hey look, these neighbors are watching me pee on their lawn. Better kick up some grass too so they know I was here"
  6. "Hey another dog! Another dog! Morgan! Look! Another dog! LETS GO SAY HI BUT IM GONNA BARK ANGRILY AND GROWL STILL. JUST IN CASE"
  7. "This neighbor's flower bed looks like an awesome place to shit"
  8. Static