1. Men and women (but mostly men) of Li.st, we need to talk about something that is seriously screwy about going out in today's hookup culture.
  2. It seems the pressure to go home with someone constantly interrupts just a good night out.
  3. I am not dating anyone, I'm not even "seeing" anyone, in those terms I'm basically blind to men right now. However, that in no way means I go out at night solely for the purpose of finding a man.
  4. This is what some men seem to think.
  5. Tell me, is there anything wrong with me simply wanting to go out to dance with my friends and have a couple of drinks?
  6. No there isn't.
  7. What IS wrong is me not wanting to go dance on the DANCEFLOOR and instead be restricted to a small corner of the bar to dance with my friends because the minute we step out there guys are creeping behind you trying to dance.
  8. Do men not understand this is not what all women want?
  9. Buy me a drink.
  10. Talk to me at the bar.
  11. Do not grab my arm as I'm walking by.
  12. Do not assume because I am dancing and there is no one pressed against me in a crowded area that I am free game.
  13. Do NOT grab my hips and start dancing on me when I haven't even heard your name.
  14. I feel very overwhelmed and under protected when these things happen and I panic.
  15. I do anything from shoot them a glare to straight up telling someone to "get the F of off me" when put into a situation I don't like.
  16. And you know what I get back?
  17. "Whatever bitch"
  18. "Fuck you C*nt"
  19. "She's a fucking lesbian"
  20. "You're ugly anyway"
  21. This was all in one night, two nights ago.
  22. Here we go again with fragile masculinity BS. One minute all they want to do is dance *behind you* and as soon as you shut them down, you're an ugly lesbian. Good.
  23. And maybe you are very cute sir, but this is not the way to get my attention, and sometimes I simply want to go out with a friend or two and dance and enjoy my night. Don't assume I will leave my one friend alone on the dance floor to chat.
  24. Guys, think before you act. You think it's fun to get drunk and wildly hit on girls? Fine. But don't expect everyone to go along with it, and don't get mad when they don't.
  25. If you treat me like a human being and just introduce yourself, you will have far more of a chance with me than the guy who started dancing behind me ever will.
  26. Sorry for the rant listers! Especially since I imagine all of you to be amazing people and are most likely not the ones partaking in this.
  27. And to any critics, saying "well maybe you just shouldn't go out" is like saying my feelings and concerns as a woman don't matter as much as a man's need to get someone to sleep with him. I should just stay home and do nothing because if I REALLY wanted to avoid this, I should do just that, avoid it.
  28. No change ever came out of pretending a problem doesn't exist.
  29. Giphy