Why my dog is the cutest dog in America

"In the world" would be greedy
  1. This is Bailey
  2. He is half Shitzu
    So happy at the vet!!! He's awesome
  3. Half havanese
  4. And 100% crazy psycho asshole dog
  5. This is what he looks like after a bath
  6. And he sleeps with these two frogs every night!
    Sometimes he tries to carry them both at one time
  7. He also did this on his own
  8. Sometimes he means business
  9. And sometimes he just wants to play
  10. Sometimes we bitch face it together
  11. Other times we snuggle together
  12. Here he is with really long hair
  13. And really short hair
  14. We took this in a strict "no dogs" gazebo
  15. Here's a series of me trying to get a Christmas card pic of him
    We did a battle of the Christmas coffee cups card
  16. He's a great co-pilot
  17. Here's to the cutest and most photogenic eternal puppy around