I'll be 22 in 10 days and here's some of what I've learned. (Sometimes the hard way)
  1. Copious amounts of alcohol is not always a good thing.
  2. Not everyone is looking out for your best interests.
  3. DRINK A LOT OF WATER (this is good advice for drinking and life in general)
  4. Don't drink when you're in a bad mood. It won't be pretty.
  5. I need to remember that going out isn't always the most important thing to do.
  6. If someone is bringing you down, don't just sit back and take it.
  7. Drinking should never be used to treat sadness, anger, anxiety, etc.
  8. As much as I would like to say it, I don't know it all and sometimes I need to remember that.
  9. Sometimes you need a break from someone and THAT IS OKAY.
  10. You can be perfectly happy without a significant other.
  11. When someone tells you their problems, don't make it about yourself.
  12. You don't have to explain yourself.
  13. Lazy, hungover days are perfect for relaxing and contemplating your life style choices