1. Noni's: The Patricia
    My first sandwich love.
  2. Ticonderoga Club: Spiedie
    Apparently a spiedie is "a thing" in New York State, but this is the only one I've ever had and it's so tasty. Slightly crispy grilled chicken and perfectly toasted bread. Just a pleasant sandwich.
  3. Star Provisions: Shrimp Po-Boy
    Am I basic? Maybe, but it's just so good. Solid pickles at this place too.
  4. Victory Sandwich: The Castro
    So small. So melty.
  5. Holy Taco: Chorizo Torta
    Holy Taco is my (not so well-guarded) brunch secret. Runny egg, chorizo, and $20 pitcher is sangria on the patio. My actually heaven.
  6. Octopus Bar: Lobster Roll
    On the smaller side for a lobster roll, but buttery goodness and added coolness for the late night vibe of O Bar. Perfection with a Last Word.
  7. Café Lapin: Tarragon Chicken Salad on a Croissant
    Are you laughing at my old lady choice? DON'T CARE.