Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January
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    Took the kids to Disneyland and got to experience the magic through their eyes. It was pure joy, and I loved every minute! My daughter giving Olaf a warm hug will stay with me forever!
  2. February
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    My almost 5 year old son in rock climbing lessons. He wasn't afraid at all and just powered through.
  3. March
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    My husband and I went on the most amazing trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe for a wedding and vacation. We got to see thing I never expected to see in real life and met the most amazing people. Can't wait to go back to Africa one day...
  4. April
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    Was given a few reminders that I don't have to go very far to see beauty all around me!
  5. May
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    Spring... New beginnings and watching my daughter get accosted by baby goats 😊.
  6. June
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    Seeing myself through my sons eyes - apparently in this picture I had "chicken pops."
  7. July
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    Summer fun with the family!
  8. August
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    Taking the family to see the Lion King. The first real live theater, definitely not their last!
  9. September
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    The longest race I had ever done, the Spartan Super. I pushed myself further than I thought I could, I love that and I'm so proud of it!
  10. October
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    Offering support to someone I love as she walked away from a mentally and emotionally abusive spouse. So proud of her 💚💜❤️.
  11. November
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    Sharing in my husbands family traditions and passing them along to my kids 🍪🍰.
  12. December
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    Developing our own family traditions and spending time with my amazing little family.