Imposter Syndrome

I've read a lot lately about people who feel like an imposter or "fraud" at work.
  1. I don't.
    I received a post secondary education where I learned my field from many angles. I started working and received company specific training as to how the job(s) are done. I have access to mentors, if I choose to reach out to them, with years of industry experience. I am not an imposter or fraud at work, I'm fully qualified, accredited and great at what I do.
  2. are other "jobs" I do, where I totally feel like a fraud or like I'm always winging it.
  3. Being a wife.
    I received no training for this. I think I'm doing pretty good, but not always.
  4. Being a mother.
    Does reading articles on the internet count as training? Sometimes I have no idea if what I'm doing is the right way or the best way, or if my children will need years of therapy to overcome how I'm raising them.
  5. Being a friend.
    We all have friends our whole lives, but I am always worried I'm not handling these relationships in the best way, either. Am I doing enough? Too much? At the right time?
  6. Being a sister.
    Sometime I struggle with this, a fine line between friendship and something else. Am I doing it right? Is there a better way? Is this how others do it?
  7. Being a daughter.
    Why do I feel guilty all the time? I must be doing something wrong...
  8. Balancing all of my roles.
    Why can only excel at one or two of my roles at a time while being mediocre at everything else. Where is the training on this? I try and rebalance everyday for where I'm needed most. It's exhausting