Not necessarily "things", per se
  1. An apartment with a window capable of bringing my aloe plant back to life
  2. Age of the Understatement on Vinyl
  3. For Jack White to make a country/bluegrass album
  4. An apology from Iggy Azalea
    Nothing too specific, just an overall "sorry, y'all"
  5. For everyone's eyebrows to go back to looking like normal, human eyebrows
  6. A pair of cowboy boots
  7. For white people to STOP HAVING DREADLOCKS ??
  8. Funnier socks
  9. For women to stop wearing heels when they don't want to be wearing them
  10. A rumor about me that I may be a witch
  11. To text more slowly and precisely, so as to avoid the second text with the word written properly with an asterisk