"oh you got wifi on your camera?!" why yes, yes I do... it's so that I don't have to spend time & battery life on my iPhone trying to get a photo for Instagram. An event/social media photographer's must have. Shot with a Fujifilm X100T
  1. Barry McGee Piece at RVCA
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    I can't explain why, but his art appeals to me very much. This is outside the wall at RVCA's offices in Costa Mesa. I was there today for Greyson Fletcher's pro party.
  2. Meet The Fletchers
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    An entire family of shredders here with Pat Tenore of RVCA
  3. Greyson & Gregson
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    and Gregson's dog Masher. Gregson filmed & edited Greyson's pro part for Element. Both are heavy rippers on the shred sled we call skateboarding.
  4. Greyson Fletcher & Grand Parents, Herbie & Dibi
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    So rad. It's a little underexposed so I figured I would do some post-processing and brighten the photo up a bit later when I do the recap blog post.
  5. Matt Bublitz & Ewan Bowman
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    Two of Thrasher Magazine's finest filmers. They do it right!